Wednesday, February 19, 2014


The holidays are over and spring is around the corner; it is a good time to reflect on the last year and grow into the year to come. Last year was a huge year for me and my family which really started in March with the sudden death of my father, who was a great man! With his death being such a tragedy and a tough thing to move on from, my wife and I were motivated to change our lives. At the time it was difficult, and still sometimes is, to maintain the motivation to be healthy. Through this, I have met so many new friends at my gym, Minnesota Top Team, through AdvoCare support groups, and helped motivate other people to change their lives too. His passing has become a bittersweet milestone.

The holidays were tough to get through, but we made it! I had hernia surgery and my workouts were really restricted; I could not lift more than fifteen pounds. My weight loss really suffered and eventually stalled. That was tough and got me down. A few weeks ago, my restrictions came off and I basically had to start over. I do miss trying for new weight lifting records; I know I will be able too soon, but it sucks standing by and watching everyone in my box do it. It was even worse when I watched from home. I am slowly getting back into my workout routine now and thankfully, without hurting myself. I received some great messages from friends and it really helped to pick me up again. I am starting to get back into "beast mode." I'd say I am at 50% and I can't wait to get back (without the fear of hurting myself) to set some new personal records.

Now, I need to move on and look forward to setting new goals. One goal I have is to go on a Segway tour this summer -- the weight limit is 250lbs to ride. I am currently down 120lbs and have just over 30lbs to make it to the Segway tour! Last week, I went to the Mall of America for a father-daughter date and fit on some amusement park rides that I could not before. It was such a proud moment!

It's been awhile since my last post, so I wanted you to know that I am still trucking along and not quite to the end of this adventure yet. More posts to come...

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