Friday, July 19, 2013


Motivation is so tough to keep going. I touched on what motivated me in my first post to start my change and now I want to give my tips on continuing - maybe you will come up with some ideas from mine. I do not have all the answers, maybe we can share.

For the first change, you have to set an obtainable goal: I use 25lbs at a time. Now I have a lot of weight to lose, more than most people, so you can start with 5 and make a realistic time frame that fits you.

Second, you need to have a support team - I can help you! Email me at or leave a post. I have my family and friends that hold me accountable and encourage me along the way. They call me out when I fall off the wagon, which this time I haven't because of the support I get from all of you.  When I tried other programs, I did fall off the wagon and eventually, I lost track of the program too.

You have to eat better and motivate yourself. You have to know why you are doing it.  Inform yourself, search the internet, use commonsense. Start with these videos (can be viewed at Youtube, Netflix, or Hulu):
These videos lead to other related video recommendations. Also, I love Dr. Josh Axe. He has good books, cookbooks and also a free podcast - listen at work to learn some basics on healthy eating. Once you educate yourself, you won't want to put that stuff in your body and it will keep motivating you to eat better.

Next, when I need a lift to work out, my most recommended video on YouTube is  Crossfit - Killing the Fat Man: Episode #1. In this video, Gary Roberts is showing that anyone can do it, whether you sign up for Crossfit or something else, watch it! In Crossfit - Killing the Fat Man: Episode #8, Gary gets his father who just recently had a triple bypass surgery to do it. If his dad can do it after that, you can too - and get your parents or grandparents to join you!! It's real - I am living proof! I was scared the first time I went to Minnesota Top Team (MTT). I have a friend Ben H. who is a member there and I have worked at a "gym" before, but this was different. I watched their videos and looked at other places online. It was totally different then I expected. Jennie C., one of the owners, greeted me when I came in the door, gave me a tour and got me signed up for Crossfit fundamental classes. (I am not a paid spokesperson for MTT - I wish I was) The fundamental classes were intense; I felt muscles I did not know I had (and I'm a former athlete). The trainers truly focus on scaling it to your abilities. It's not like they're a bunch of meat heads that run around telling you to "do the workout or get out!" Sometimes it looks intimidating, but it's not! All you have to do is walk through the door and they take care of the rest. I've come to know them as my second family. The trainers and the rest of the group help motivate each other to get through the 'workout of the day' (WOD). This is my motivational place; it could be yours too! Or find some other place that works for you!

Sunday, July 14, is now important to my motivation for two reasons:
  1. I ran my first 5k run! It was the Color Run at the Minnesota State Fairgrounds. It was great and on very short notice I was able to fill in for someone that could not make it. I ran with a group of friends from Wisconsin. I'll admit I was pretty nervous, but I think I did a great job for my first one. I did not finish last, so that was a good thing.


It was a great success and did not cause too much pain afterwards :)

2. It was also a bittersweet day because it was the anniversary of my mom's passing eight years ago. The reason it was bittersweet is because she and my father are the reason I am on this journey and I am finally doing it.
My journey is going great so far and I know they would be happy for what I am doing.

Ok - next time I promise will not post any sad news.
Thanks again for reading, and all your support!


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