Sunday, August 11, 2013

Living the Change

In my first post, I told you about the Advocare 24-day challenge, which kick-started my lifestyle change. It was awesome! I have continued on to eat healthy and stay focused when faced with challenges like my daughter's birthday, watching my family eating pizza and cake! I have missed those goodies in the past, but I am slowly missing them less and less each day. I am finding alternatives instead - more on that in a few.

It has been 90+ days since my first challenge and I am still losing weight, but I wanted to do another 24-day Challenge to give my weight loss a boost. As of now, I am almost done and it is going well. I am not losing the weight as fast as the first time, but that is what I expected. Before, I really needed more of a system cleansing. Overall, I feel better than before and am building more muscle. I am able to lift more weight now than when I started. I know that all of the hard work I am putting in is paying off. My box jumps have gone up 4 inches since last time I tried less than 30 days ago, and I can also do more of them. I will do another 24-day Challenge in 90 days, give or take, when this cycle is done to give me an extra push for the holidays.

I have less than 30 days until I do my first 5k obstacle run,Warrior Dash Minnesota. One of my friends is doing the race course with me and maybe more will come too. I will post pictures of that later! (I know I am crazy!) The countdown has begun: I go to Minnesota Top Team Crossfit classes at least 3 times a week, and hopefully more once my class finals are completed in the next week. I am planning to run more often each week as well, and because I'm posting it, you can hold me accountable.

Earlier, I mentioned that I found alternatives for things that I love. Let's talk Asian food for starters: I found that cauliflower can be for a replacement for rice in homemade fried rice. I am also using Braggs Liquid Aminos as a replacement for soy sauce. Bragg's also has an Apple Cider Vinegar (with the Mother). Both products are organic and great for you. (Not a paid endorser)
Photo: Cauliflower chicken fried rice.
I know it's not the prettiest picture, but my kids ate it!

Cauliflower Fried Rice Recipe
1. Rice one head of cauliflower in a food processor
2. Cook for 5 minutes in the microwave (add nothing)
3. Drain the water that cooks out
4. Pre-cook and shred 3 chicken breasts 
5. Pre-cook mixed veggies, any variety you like
6. Mix all ingredients in a Wok
7. When mix is half-way cooked, add two eggs: 
       Make an opening in the middle of the pan, pushing the ingredients to the side. 
       Add the eggs in the middle. Let the eggs set-up a little bit, then mix all together. 
       When the egg consistency is how you like them and mixed in, you are done! 
8. Add Braggs liquid aminos (soy sauce replacement) while cooking to taste  

My first try at egg and cauliflower tortillas was also a success. I want to add more flavor to them next time; they were kind of bland. Once I am done with my challenge, I will be making a cauliflower pizza crust, which will be the first pizza I have had since the beginning of April! More recipe ideas to come. Email me or comment here if you want these or other recipes, or just to talk about what I'm doing and how I can help you change your life too. I'd love to help!

I am down 75 pounds as of today! Still going down and I am looking forward to the first 100 being done, hopefully soon! More pictures to come.

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