Saturday, September 20, 2014

Having fun and staying focused!

The world gets hectic - you have to get the kids to school and their activities, you're in school finishing your own homework, you have started a new way of eating to improve your health or maybe a new workout regime. Whatever your chaos includes, you need to have some fun or find ways to play to reward yourself for all the goals you hit and to release some stress in your life. This summer, I found motivation, accomplishment and fun when I ran six different 5k runs:

1. Wolf Run, Eagan, MN: my first trail run

2. Electric Run, St. Paul, MN: a nighttime fun run.
3. Warrior Dash, Afton, MN: an obstacle run at a ski resort.

2014            Brian and me              2013
4. Urban Wildlife Richfield, MN: a street run.
5. Rugged Maniac, Taylors Falls, MN: another obstacle run at a ski resort.

6.  Run@Work Minnesota State Capitol, St. Paul MN: another street run.

My summer was packed with activities: bicycling trips, off road parks, riding a flow rider and so many other things. I still love doing crossfit a several times a week with all the crossfit family at MTT Crossfit. You can meet me there for the 5:30am class! 
I could not have imagined doing all these things just over a year ago at my starting weight. Just the runs alone have motivated me to do more and maybe some longer ones. I know to some people 5ks are nothing and others might not think of them as an idea for fun, but they are awesome! I have run with my family and friends, whom I would have only dreamed of doing it with before, and being there to cheer each other on is a blast! They are such great motivators, having my wife, my son and my brother all on different runs! My daughter hopes to join us next year when she will be older.

This journey has been so worth it and I know I have come far since April 2013. That being said, I also know I have so much farther to go to my ultimate goals. In your hectic daily life, don't forget to step back and enjoy all the moments along the way because it will fly by so fast before you know it. I did just that this year, and now that summer is over, it doesn't mean the fun has to stop!!

August 2012

August 2014

Do for those who cannot! Have some fun while doing it!

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