Thursday, December 18, 2014

Back to basics

The end of the year is upon us, holidays are really hard to get through, it's a great time to remember the family and friends that are no longer with us. Take that to re-motivate yourself if you need it! Remember that this is a long journey of life, not a short, quick trip, and eating well and exercising is how you get there. It's not easy!

I am still here still kicking and my weight has stalled. I have not eaten perfect, but I have been hitting the Crossfit at least four days a week, still making gains and going to cleanse out the system. I am going to keep on hitting it hard.

To help motivate us, my wife and I are starting to plan 2015 5k runs and other activities to help us push each other. It's fun to plan and look forward to warmer weather! I am hoping to better my times at the events, because I am getting competitive with myself which in turn challenges me to work harder and I end up fitter and healthier; bonus!

Time flies by so fast; don't wait! We have a saying on the wall at home: "today is another day to make yourself proud"; so do it! Also, don't forget to do for those who cannot! Sorry for the long delay between posts and thanks for all your support!

MTT CrossFit 2013 Thanksgiving day WOD

MTT CrossFit 2014 Thanksgiving day WOD - The family is growing and still not all of them

Snow fun! The winter is no excuse not to get out and have fun!
(First time Cross Country Skiing since grade school!)

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