Monday, August 24, 2015

The long journey!

If anyone thought it was just a quick fix journey, they are wrong. I started this journey over two and a half years ago and it has not been perfect, but I've learned from my mistakes. I am still here on this journey with my family and friends, and also some great new friends I picked up along the way. Getting started has been one of the best decisions I have ever made. I am an honest guy so I can disclose that I am not at my lightest weight that I have been on this journey. I have made diet changes and fallen off the "band wagon" sometimes, but I have never stopped moving, exercising, or focusing on my goals.

I have hit new personal gains in crossfit by increasing my weights lifted in a lot of things. Deadlifts (my favorite) when I started out on this journey I maxed lifting probably around 220lbs and now I am lifting 355lbs! I almost got to 365 and I know I will do more soon. I can do a few un-assisted pull- ups now! When I looked back at my first crossfit journal, I saw I used to do assisted sit-ups with a band when I started; it was a shock to remember that and how far I have come. This is one of my favorite tips: journal your accomplishments and keep out your medals from events like 5ks so you do not forget how far you have come and so you can look back on those tough days to keep you motivated because you will have those days! It is only natural to have rough days and set backs, it makes you stronger and makes it more worth it! As they say. "if it was easy, everyone would be doing it." I still believe the Advocare 24 day challenge is one of the best ways to get your mind setup for beginning the journey. It is an easy program for starters. It's not all about weight loss and that is something you need to learn in the process. It does help in the beginning.

I have also saved some money and started buying my own weights and other fitness tools for home use. I got a great rig from Inferno-Equipment, a local Minnesota company that does local deliveries and ships to your house cheaper than other name brand companies. They have custom colors and help you size it to your space. Great customer service and a small start up company!! (Thanks, Jesse!) I use the home equipment to keep up with my routine when I cannot make it to the gym or to work off some stress when I'm feeling frustrated. I love seeing what I am capable of doing! I am even getting my wife and kids involved in my workouts, whether by going biking or playing around with the weights in the garage.

I still go to my favorite box Minnesota Top Team because I still need my trainers Jo and Jeff with group motivation (extended family) three to four days a week at 5:30 am!! I could not do any of this with out my wife's encouragement, which keeps me going on the real bad days!

(Son Logan)

I am sorry it's been since December that I have posted. Flew by way too fast! Since then, I have done some more 5k's, with more on the way!
A few of my main points with this journey is that you have to keep moving, set backs happen and don't beat yourself up about them. I have said this before - if you had a bad day, wake up with the thought, "today is another day to make yourself proud!" Get your friends and family involved, because if you are not making a positive difference, what's the point of anything. (BEAST MODE)
Lucky 7k March 2015
Warrior Dash 5k Obstacle Race July 2015
Mid Deadlift 

Do for those who cannot! I am not going any where; let me know if you have any questions! More posts to come!

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